Info on Test Prep Sessions

General Description:

I offer test prep sessions for the ACT and SAT. The classes will include subject area tests and general testing skills.

My primary teaching source will be Kaplan, with information from additional sources as deemed necessary.

The SAT has changed its format as of May 2024. We have adjusted our course materials to reflect these changes.

I will be holding the 4-class sessions as listed below. Students can attend any combination of the sessions and are not required to attend all sessions.

Session Plans:

Session 1:
General Test-Taking Strategies: Triaging Questions, Pacing, Intelligent Guessing, etc.
English Skills: Grammar and Punctuation Rules, Word Choice (Verbs, Pronouns, Modifiers, Idioms)

Session 2:
English Skills 2: Wordiness (Rhetorical Skills), Connections (Cause-and-Effect and Contrast), Writing Strategy, and Organization
Reading Skills: Details, Inference, Generalizations/Conclusions, Author’s Function/Purpose, Vocab-In-Context, Writer’s View

Session 3:

Math Fundamentals: Number & Quantity, Rates, Ratios, Proportions, Percents; Algebra (Polynomials, Inequalities, Quadratics, Word Problems); Tables, Graphs, Statistics, Probabilities; Functions; Geometry
Science: Data, Tables, Graphs, Variables, Inferring Values, Research Summaries, Scientific Method

Session 4: – (for students taking the optional writing test)
Writing the ACT Essay: The Four Steps to Writing the Timed Argumentative Essay for the ACT or SAT. This session will include writing instruction and writing an essay as a class. Also included is my evaluation of a practice essay written at home and emailed to me. (*Notice that the ACT and SAT Writing Test class times are different, as the test parameters are different.)

Session Feedback:

“My student’s English score went from a 16 to a 22, and her overall scores went up.”
“Will learned a lot with your one-on-one ACT English and reading prep sessions. He said that your work with him was so helpful in preparing him for this exam. We highly recommend you for ACT prep!” – 
“Cliff and Zach both said your sessions were incredibly helpful and they loved your teaching style!  English came up 2 points, reading came up 3 points, science came up 1 point.”


Each 2.5-hour session is $125, payable on that date.

ISBN-13: 978-1506287133
ISBN-10: 1506287131

NOTE: The REQUIRED text will need to be purchased and brought to all sessions attended.

There will be test practice assigned from the 2024 Kaplan Test Prep book.

Students are not required to enroll for all four sessions, but it is highly recommended for the greatest possibility of test success.