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Powers Classical School offers small class sizes and tutoring in Knoxville, TN.  Excellence in home education is accomplished in a variety of ways. We seek to provide in-class teaching as well as individual tutoring to help prepare students to meet graduation requirements as well as ready them for the college experience.

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“My daughter had used two different Latin curriculums and had taking a class from a different teacher before coming to Shelly Powers. She struggled with all of those approaches and didn’t feel like she was learning anything. Then she started taking class from Shelly. Her comment after the first class was, “Finally I feel like I’m learning Latin. Mrs. Powers is a good teacher and she’s funny.” I would highly recommend Shelly Powers as a teacher. “ -Bev O. “Mrs. Shelly was by far one of my favorite teachers! She taught in a way that was clear and easy to understand. She made learning Latin fun. Mrs. Shelly has such a love and passion for her students. Taking her class was a joy! “ -Rachel H. “My daughter was in Shelly Power’s Latin classes when she was in high school. We loved the way she made a “dead language” come to life for the students! Her enthusiasm and dedication to the students and the quality of course material review was evident through the knowledge and understanding our daughter had at the end of each course she took with her. I would highly recommend Mrs. Powers as an instructor for any age student for the subject of Latin as well as English. “ -Kathy H. “Mrs. Powers was a great teacher who stayed on task, but was still open to class feedback. She made learning Latin interesting and fun.” –Madeline “I enjoyed learning from a teacher who seemed confident in their knowledge of the subject. “ -Zachary J. Shelly Powers is a fantastic teacher. My daughter has dyslexia and finds many traditional learning styles very difficult. Mrs. Powers really got to know my daughter and came up with an approach that really worked for her. I highly recommend Shelly Powers as a teacher. She truly cares about her students like no other teacher I’ve ever met. Thank you, Mrs. Powers! -Bridget