Spanish I

 Level: 9th-12th grade
Credit: 1 high school foreign language credit
Class limit: 10 students
Class minimum: 4 students
Price: $35.50 per 2 hour class

16 classes/semester = $568/semester

for a total of $1,136 per year

NOTE: Workbook for this course not included. Cost for workbook $27.00


Note: This is a two-semester class

Payable in 9 monthly payments or 2 semester payments

Tuesday, 9:00am – 11:00am

Description: This is an interactive approach that will get your student learning Spanish right away! The Spanish is Fun curriculum features:

  • Listening comprehension and drill exercises
  • Lively illustrations for vocabulary
  • Brief, fun narratives to reinforce grammar and vocabulary
  • Illustrated conversations, personalized dialog activities, and other practice in each chapter.
  • A cultural section at the end of each chapter to acquaint with the Spanish-speaking world
  • Weekly online pronunciation and culture exercises.

Texts to be Used

(Good used copies will be supplied by Powers Classical School, and are to be returned at the end of the school year.)
NOTE: This class will require purchase of a consumable workbook at approximate cost of $27.00

Spanish is Fun, Book 1

Spanish is Fun, Workbook – approx cost $27